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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes For The Family

Halloween snuck up on you? Invited to a last-minute Halloween party? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve been there! Facing empty shelves in fancy dress stores is not fun and as the occasion slowly creeps closer the more stressful it gets.

But don’t fret; we’ve put together our top picks of easy last-minute Halloween outfits to help the whole family find the perfect outfits.

Women's Halloween Costumes

Sandy from Grease

Name a more iconic outfit than when Sandy steps into the funfair with her leather trousers, stilettos and permed hair in Grease.

This outfit is simple, but people will know exactly who you are.

All you need are some Black PU Leggings, a Black Top, and a Black PU Biker Jacket.

Add some finishing touches of a black studded belt (Tell me about it), boots and hoop earrings.

There you have it; a Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume using items in your wardrobe.

Pulp Fiction

Probably one of the simplest, yet classic, Halloween costumes out there is Mia Wallace’s shirt and trouser combination from Pulp Fiction.

Take a white long sleeved shirt, and some black bootcut trousers and you’re sorted.

If you want to go full on into the Pulp Fiction outfit, grab a black fringe bob wig and you’ll be ready to do the twist on the dancefloor.

Why not get your very own Vincent to join you with a Black Suit Jacket and Trousers and a white shirt.


Bespectacled aardvark Arthur Read from the cartoon Arthur probably isn’t your first thought when it comes to Halloween, but when we saw the colour of this jumper in store we couldn’t not include it.

Simply, a white shirt with a yellow jumper and Mom Jeans and you’re set. Chuck on some round brown rimmed glasses for the extra level.

You’ll be ready to recreate that classic Arthur meme all night long!

Princess Diana

Fashion Icon of her time, Princess Diana is often someone we look to for inspiration.

This look has been trending on Instagram and TikTok over the past few months as it’s come back into style.

Pop on an oversized jumper with some cycle shorts and you’ve got a classic Princess Di look.

To make it more iconic add some white trainers and a tote bag.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams has such a classic look; it’s simple to put together and everyone will immediately know who you are.

Starting with a collared white shirt, add a black patterned dress (with the collars outside) and plait your hair in the classic Wednesday Addams hairstyle.

*click* *click* your Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume is done.

Your little one can join you in this too with this black pinafore cord dress and long sleeve white top.

Kid's Halloween Costumes


Possibly the most classic Halloween costume.

Your little one will look super cute in this leopard print dress. With some black tights and boots and all you need to do is draw a nose and whiskers on their face.

If you’re looking for an outfit for a slightly older girl, this leopard print dress is perfect.

Why not treat them to a mini me kitty with this Livvie Cat Beanie Boo.


A simple, yet effective costume for your young ones.

For girls these blue denim overalls and yellow top are the perfect combination.

Boys can wear these jeans with braces and yellow top.

Beware – you may get tired of hearing them say ‘Banana’ all day.

Pugsley Addams

Alongside his sister featured earlier in this article, Pugsley is a great Halloween costume.

You can create this look really simply for your boys, just wear a striped top and some shorts.

He does usually take a slingshot, but we wouldn’t recommend it, unless under supervision!!

Men's Halloween Costumes

Men in Black

Here come the Men in Black, galaxy defenders (oh, oh, oh, oh).

This costume is perfect for any men looking for a smart Halloween costume. It’s simple and sophisticated.

A black suit jacket and trousers, white shirt, black tie and classic black sunglasses are all you need to complete this look.

There’s no need to worry about someone not knowing who you are with this one.


Strong. Rugged. Macho. The Lumberjack costume is often chosen for many Men’s Halloween costumes.

The classic cartoon lumberjack look is rather simple to put together, and you probably have everything you need.

Combine a pair of jeans and a check shirt/jacket and you’re sorted.

Take along a fake Axe or saw, and grow/draw on a beard for the full effect.

We hope these last-minute Halloween costume ideas help you find the perfect outfit! If you use any of these, why not share them with us on Instagram using #mypeacocks.