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How to Have a Fun Family Halloween at Home

Whilst we may have to stay at home this Halloween and celebrations will likely be on a smaller scale, it doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the Halloween spirit (or do we mean spirits?!) and have a spooktastic time with the family this 31st October.

We’ve got fun and inventive Halloween games, devilishly tasty Halloween recipes and food ideas for kids and adults alike such as snacks, cupcakes and cookies. Ignite your kids’ imaginations with the best Halloween movies for a spellbinding evening in.

Maybe you’re looking for some inspiration for easy DIY Halloween costumes? Find everything you need to make it a night to remember. These ideas will make you mummy of the year!

Fun Halloween Games

Make sure you have a fangtastic party with these Halloween games for kids and kids at heart, featuring some classic favourites and new, inventive party ideas that are sure to bring the skele-fun.

DIY decorations

Half the fun of decorating your home for scary season is shopping for or making your own masterpieces! Ever made paper snowflakes at Christmas? Follow the same technique of snipping patterns into folded paper and add some pipe cleaner spiders. Spooky!

Mummy sack race

Guaranteed to crack some laughs and all you need is a few rolls of toilet paper. The first one to the finish line with no rips is the winner.

Pumpkin patch party

Inflate orange balloons and fill them with exciting treats. Set a timer and get your kids to burst as many balloons as possible and collect their prizes along the way.

Pin the tail on the witch’s cat

We’ve updated the classic pin-the-tail game with a Halloween-inspired twist. If you don’t fancy this variation, why not try pin the eyeball on the skeleton or pin the nose on the pumpkin?

Face painting

No Halloween party is complete without face painting. Whether you’re an artistic genius or want to cheat with pre-bought stickers and stencils, we all adore having our faces painted. Try everything from princesses to ghosts, skeletons and aliens.

Halloween charades

This Halloween game is ideal if you’re staying at home with a small crowd. Write down a selection of Halloween-themed topics to act out and put them all into a bowl. Split into teams, set a timer and try to guess as many as you can. GO!

DIY Halloween Costumes

You may not be able to get to the shops to buy your kids a spooky or novelty costume, but don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for cheap, easy and last-minute DIY Halloween costumes that are a bit different than your average ghost or black cat.

A Minion

Dig out some yellow clothes, find some denim overalls, big round glasses and black pipe cleaners for hair and your little munchkin will be transformed into an adorable Minion.

Olaf from Frozen

An easy DIY Halloween costume is Olaf from Frozen. Simply gather some white clothes, draw black buttons down the front and find a scarf to wrap around their neck. Then, get a white cap or hat and attach a big orange triangle on for a nose and some googley eyes. Brrr-illiant.


Ramp up the scare factor by turning your kid into a terrifying scarecrow. Find a checked shirt, dungarees and a straw hat. Make some rips in the clothes and attach hay. Don’t forget to paint their faces too!

Tasty Halloween Recipes

You’ve got to have some tasty snacks to fuel the festivities. From healthy to indulgent Halloween recipes, here are our favourite crowd-pleasers. Get the kiddies involved with the baking and you’re guaranteed a cackle.

Apple monsters

For a tasty and nutritious Halloween snack idea, cut an apple into segments and carve out a mouth. Stick on raisins for eyes and mini marshmallows for teeth.

Halloween cookies

Make a statement with a tray of freshly baked Halloween cookies for your guests to devour. Think bloodsucking bat-shaped biscuits, pumpkin rice crispy treats, black spider doughnuts or chilling crumbly cookies. Yum.

Frozen banana ghosts

This Halloween recipe is so easy but will have your little guests gasping with excitement. Simply put a banana on a stick, cover it with white chocolate or coconut sprinkles and freeze. Decorate with icing pens, cereal or chocolate drops to give your ghosts spooky expressions. You won’t believe it’s not ice cream!

The Best Halloween Movies for Kids

We know that some Halloween films can be too scary and gory for youngsters, so we’ve rounded up the best Halloween movies for kids and adults so you can snuggle up and watch as a family this year.

The Addams Family

Let’s start with a classic: ‘The Addams Family’. This iconic and kooky movie is bags of fun and adored by adults and children alike.

Scooby Doo

Join Scooby Doo the loveable pup and Mystery Inc. on their quest to solve crimes and lock up baddies, and see what funny shenanigans they get up to along the way too. Jeepers!

Hotel Transylvania

Delve into the enchanted world of Dracula’s resort for monsters and mythical creatures. Expect drama and hilarity aplenty in this fun packed animation.


Watch a spinetingling live-action story based on R.L. Stine’s horror children's book series.

We hope this has given you enough ideas and inspiration to create a wicked Halloween party at home and keep your little monsters entertained. Don’t forget to snap a selfie of your celebrations and tag #MyPeacocks on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!