Peacocks International Franchise

Following a prosperous term since acquiring the Peacocks brand in 2012, Anglo Global Property Limited are looking to take the next step and increase our global presence via International franchising.

It is the intention of Steve Simpson, Managing Director of Peacocks Stores Limited, to grow the international business and with this, has devoted our resources to expanding the essential international team, setting the foundations for future successful development.

Peacocks are looking to key markets such as Europe, Middle East, Asia and India to name a few. With our refined working practices; we have created a platform for significant growth.

Our focus lies with maximizing consistency and cohesion between Peacocks UK business and that of our franchise partners. Whilst recognizing different requirements for diverse markets, we endeavor to maintain our brand identity.

Our particular franchise model offers a large amount of freedom to our partners, together we work to contain common practices such as local procurement; with manuals and specifications. Marketing literature can be easily accessed by the partner via our new portal system. Properly managed, examples like these are crucial in delivering our core brand values and offering the customer a consistent shopping experience in line with Peacocks stores worldwide.

Our primary focal point is product. Our dedicated teams for stock management, allocation, and replenishment; assembles and communicates with our partners on a weekly basis. Together we will ensure the right product is identified and made available for the specific market. Our partners play a big part in this process; we place a great deal of trust in every partner to educate our teams based on their extensive knowledge of their own market.

Peacocks offer a slick network and a stable platform to ensure successful international expansion. We are always keen to explore new and exciting markets.

If you have retail experience and are interested in the Peacocks brand and operating a franchise, we would love to hear from you.

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