Working together to change children’s lives

Peacocks are proud to partner with Newlife, the charity that helps disabled children and provides life changing support to some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Newlife strive to support major companies in improving environmental performance and boosting supply chain efficiency. Working alongside retailers like ourselves, their aim is to recycle customer returns, samples and un-sold textiles stock to provide for families with disabled children.

How does it work?

Peacocks donate end of line, returns and sample stock to Newlife for them to sell in their hugely popular fashion and home retail stores – based in the Midlands and Merseyside.

Working in partnership with Newlife for 10 years, the profits generated by the sale of Peacocks products in the Newlife stores are ploughed directly back into the charity to ease the pain and suffering of disabled and terminally ill children and their families across the UK.

In the last 12 months, and thanks to partnerships like ours, Newlife has been able to change the lives of more than 2,500 disadvantaged disabled and terminally ill children.

To find out more about Newlife, follow the link (or search Newlife the charity for disabled children).

Meet the Stiles.

Young Oliver Stiles has severe autism and learning disabilities. He’s on the move constantly and needs round the clock supervision to prevent him from hurting himself. Find out how Oliver and his family were supported by Newlife here.

Oliver finds sleeping very difficult, often starting his day at one in the morning and staying awake for the entire day –exhausting himself and his parents.

The family were at breaking point and were told the best option for Oliver was medication to make him sleep - but wanted to explore alternatives.

One of Oliver’s doctors from his specialist sleep team, advised them that a bed called a Safespace would help Oliver.

After contacting many charities for support, Newlife were able to provide Oliver and his family with this special bed through its Equipment Grant service.

Oliver’s mum, June, said: “We had no idea such a service existed – Newlife turned our application around really quickly, getting the bed to us within 72 hours. Now Oliver absolutely loves going to bed, he sleeps better, although he still wakes quite early – but we feel so much more relaxed knowing that he is safe and can’t hurt himself. We are all getting more sleep, even Oliver’s three-year-old brother.”

Newlife provide thousands of items of equipment every year and fast-tracking delivery, to prevent suffering and when time is very precious.